The Wedding

No one was checking in to the B&B so we took off for Maine having booked a night at a B&B with dinner and massage package…. then off in the morning to the wedding. One of the daughters of our old friends the Loraditch’s was getting married. What a great time we all had….. touched lots of old friends….. part of a New Testament Church in Manchester. Continue reading



While the kids were here, Jonathan visited as well and we all went to see Nanny at the Manor!



Our Seattle group, (Jennifer, Dano, Lian and Anna) spent 10 days with us. What a blast!

They landed back in Seattle just before I started writing this.Jennifer, Dano, Lian Mei and Anna Mei

Looking forward to the next visit in the summer. Lian won’t have snow to roll around in or snowmen to build but she will have lots of memories. 🙂

Anna wasn’t so sure about all that wet, cold, white stuff!